A True Colombia Moment: Gachalá

All too often my writing becomes a diatribe against injustices or perceived wrongs in Colombia from my point of view, but this Sunday as I prepared to watch Colombia vs. Venezuela (el coco*) in their opening game of the Copa America in Chile, I found myself in an upbeat mood, and not only due to Read more about A True Colombia Moment: Gachalá[…]

2015: The Year of the “Colombia Moment”

All too routinely when I make mention of having experienced a “Colombia Moment” on these pages or in conversation it is related to something altogether negative in its nature. Since my term has started to take flight into the lingua franca of the expat community, perhaps it’s worth mentioning that there are favourable connotations to Read more about 2015: The Year of the “Colombia Moment”[…]

The Frustration of a Colombia Moment

I am thinking of slapping a copyright on and registering the phrase “Colombia Moment”. Over the years perhaps my recognition of Colombia Moments is waning as I become more acclimatized and jaded? I hope not, principally because I expect to be able to behave like a law-abiding and sane citizen should I move abroad again. Read more about The Frustration of a Colombia Moment[…]

Petro, Colombia Moments and the Ineffectual President

Let me get this straight, I was firmly against Mayor Gustavo Petro‘s proposed expulsion from the Alcaldia back when it was tabled in December 2013. When he was ousted in March I was outspoken in my defence of this inept leader of men. I was even fine with the encampments in the Plaza de Bolivar. Read more about Petro, Colombia Moments and the Ineffectual President[…]

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