Yes I Live in Colombia. No, I’m not a Coke Fiend

One tires of the smirks, the knowing glances and the telltale finger tap to the side of the nose that inevitably greet your revelation in the pub in London that you live in Colombia. How incredibly dull to have to justify my lifestyle in South America and explain to pub acquaintances that I am not, Read more about Yes I Live in Colombia. No, I’m not a Coke Fiend[…]

Colombia es la Gente

Coffee in place, good Colombian coffee, tipo exportacion, on my desk, I settle down to write a journal entry. Hopefully there’ll be no interruptions here in Mompós. And why should there be in this sleepy town that has captivated my imagination since 2007. Everything about Mompós is literary and almost as beckoning me to put Read more about Colombia es la Gente[…]

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