Humbled in an Quito Prison

Having interviewed Wally Broderick just a few weeks ago for Colombia Calling about the state of Colombia’s prison system, it sparked several memories of the few occasions upon which I had entered, as a visitor, the Garcia Moreno Prison in Quito, Ecuador. Wind the clock back to 2004 and I was working as a freelance Read more about Humbled in an Quito Prison[…]

The Man behind “The Mick” in Marx Rand

Do you remember “The Mick?” Or better yet, Christopher Kavanagh? No? What about the larger than life central character from Colin Post‘s recent book: “Mad Outta Me Head: Addiction and Underworld from Ireland to Colombia.” No, well let me refresh your mind a little or better yet tune in to the Colombia Calling interview I Read more about The Man behind “The Mick” in Marx Rand[…]

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