Distractionary Tactics in Colombia’s Presidential Elections

What if, this “polarization” between candidates Gustavo Petro on the left and Ivan Duque on the right is nothing more than a distractionary tactic in Colombia’s presidential elections to favour former vice president German Vargas Lleras? Of course, I love a good conspiracy and have most undoubtedly been wrong before, but, I am penning this Read more about Distractionary Tactics in Colombia’s Presidential Elections[…]

Jumping on the Bandwagon #ustednosabequiénsoyyo

I am loath to jump on the bandwagon and having strained against my better judgment to write something about the brutal murder of the four children in Caquetá some weeks ago, today’s news is too much in that I have to unleash and let it rip. With the revelations regarding a certain Nicolas Gaviria #ustednosabequiénsoyyo Read more about Jumping on the Bandwagon #ustednosabequiénsoyyo[…]

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