San Agustin’s Enormous pre Columbian Cemetery

Here in the districts of Saladoblanco, Isnos and San Agustin, the topography is uneven; valleys, hill plateaus and mountainous clusters come together to form its exotic and varied landscape. It is in this geographically contradictory territory to the south of Huila that in 5300BC an advanced culture evolved existed and disappeared in this strategically important Read more about San Agustin’s Enormous pre Columbian Cemetery[…]

Pender Island: A Personal Journey

The Apple Tree on Newport Ave The neon sign is switched off but even without its garish blue and red illumination reads OPEN out to sea. To me it’s backwards. Today it’s redundant as all of the café’s patrons have arrived by car along the surprisingly hilly and well-paved roads of Pender island. My grandfather Read more about Pender Island: A Personal Journey[…]

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