The Footloose American: Did you know Hunter S Thompson Travelled Colombia?

I won’t lie, as a budding journalist I long harboured a desire to write in a gonzo fashion such as was made so irreversibly famous by the late Hunter S Thompson. Holed up in my rented room in Washington Heights, my Dominican family and neighbours would wonder what it was that I actually did for Read more about The Footloose American: Did you know Hunter S Thompson Travelled Colombia?[…]

Bogota Sign Shop

Sent on an errand today by my good wife I found myself down in the Bogota Sign barrio. Here, signs of all shapes and sizes are made on the spot. My goal was to find a small stamp “pagado” for the Casa Amarilla bills, but as you can see my eye wandered and I found Read more about Bogota Sign Shop[…]

Magangue, Bolivar: Home to La Gata

As the second largest economic centre in the department of Bolivar, Magangue is a bustling, chaotic, stifling and confusing city on the banks of the Magdalena River. Economically important for the fluvial connections into the wetlands of the Mojana and the Depresion Momposina, Magangue bears the traditional hallmarks of a port town. I have passed Read more about Magangue, Bolivar: Home to La Gata[…]

Are you the Mono?

It has always struck me how polite the average Colombian is and the extent to which they will be almost over slavishly obsequious in their servile flattery. Enter a shop, a hotel foyer or a restaurant that is staffed by Colombians and you are likely to be greeted with one of the following statements. a Read more about Are you the Mono?[…]

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