Update on my book, “The Mompos Project”

It took me the first six months of 2014 to actually open the file on my computer’s desktop and look over a couple of chapters of my book The Mompos Project. That’s just looking over it too mind, it was a week or so afterwards until I was able to start writing again. the market Read more about Update on my book, “The Mompos Project”[…]

And the Restoration of Mompós Continues

The second phase of Mompós’ restoration is now well underway and continuing work now extends all the way along the Albarada upriver from the Plaza de la Concepcion to the Casa Amarilla and passing the iconic Iglesia Santa Barbara. You’ll remember that I posted a blog on here in May 2012 regarding the first phase Read more about And the Restoration of Mompós Continues[…]

Mompos: Restoring History

And here is my piece from Bogota’s City Paper on the underlying problems of trying to achieve anything in Mompos. Please read on and feel free to comment. The full text is found below. As if poisoned and influenced by a bitterness and frustration ever present in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ “The General in His Labyrinth’”, Read more about Mompos: Restoring History[…]

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