Apparently Colombia Won Something last night

Apparently Colombia won something last night. This is an image (shot from way at the back of the convention center) from the Miss Colombia pageant I attended all those years ago in Cartagena. You know the one: “Man with man with woman with man with woman with woman,” the infamous response by Miss Antioquia. And Read more about Apparently Colombia Won Something last night[…]

How Colombia Can Learn from Mexico

A great deal is made of the fully justified –  at times (added hastily before any troll jumps on board and starts droning on about the megadiversity here and the variety of birdlife!) – reputation that Colombia possesses and so in the light of the recent ANATO tourism fair here in Bogota and the launch Read more about How Colombia Can Learn from Mexico[…]

Foreign Investment in Colombia

Another day and there’s yet another article in the Colombian press purring over the increase in foreign investment in Colombia. I find it very interesting to read these pieces and try and interpret the message behind the text. Clearly, Colombia is headed in the right direction and people are prepared to wager their dollars, yen, Read more about Foreign Investment in Colombia[…]

Magangue, Bolivar: Home to La Gata

As the second largest economic centre in the department of Bolivar, Magangue is a bustling, chaotic, stifling and confusing city on the banks of the Magdalena River. Economically important for the fluvial connections into the wetlands of the Mojana and the Depresion Momposina, Magangue bears the traditional hallmarks of a port town. I have passed Read more about Magangue, Bolivar: Home to La Gata[…]

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