The Importance of personal cultural heritage

It’s a strange thing, but as a traveler through Latin America, upon visiting a place for the first time, I would often head out to a nearby cemetery to take a look at the old tombstones, and reflect a little on my own cultural heritage as I read out the names recorded there.   Maybe Read more about The Importance of personal cultural heritage[…]

Could Antioquia become Colombia’s Quebec?

It’s impossible of course, but, the department of Antioquia seems so self-absorbed that it could foreseeably become Colombia’s version of Quebec. As the fight continues to the north in Canada all about a possible separation of Quebec from the rest of the country, one wonders that if one day there could be a similar political Read more about Could Antioquia become Colombia’s Quebec?[…]

Calgary’s Fascinating Skyscraper Reflections

As a teenager visiting family Calgary, Canada, I could not wait to either head out to the prairies or into the Rocky Mountains to escape what I believed to be the monotony of a contemporary city replete with skyscrapers and little else. Being from London, I would chuckle when people would point out a building Read more about Calgary’s Fascinating Skyscraper Reflections[…]

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