When Has Colombia Ever Been Normal?

I have just completed a fortnight’s trip as an “enrichment guide” for a UK-based travel outfit in the company of citizens from the UK and the US, and as always, I was required to respond to some of the more pressing questions about life as an expat in Colombia. It’s an interesting situation and I Read more about When Has Colombia Ever Been Normal?[…]

A True Colombia Moment: Gachalá

All too often my writing becomes a diatribe against injustices or perceived wrongs in Colombia from my point of view, but this Sunday as I prepared to watch Colombia vs. Venezuela (el coco*) in their opening game of the Copa America in Chile, I found myself in an upbeat mood, and not only due to Read more about A True Colombia Moment: Gachalá[…]

Remembering Buenaventura

Long overdue, the coverage coming out of Colombia’s Pacific port of Buenaventura has left me feeling philosophical. I first visited this impoverished city in 2003 and then again in 2007. I promised myself I would never return. Writing in 2007 for the online site Suite101, I found myself suffering from a barrage of troll-like criticisms Read more about Remembering Buenaventura[…]

Yes I Live in Colombia. No, I’m not a Coke Fiend

One tires of the smirks, the knowing glances and the telltale finger tap to the side of the nose that inevitably greet your revelation in the pub in London that you live in Colombia. How incredibly dull to have to justify my lifestyle in South America and explain to pub acquaintances that I am not, Read more about Yes I Live in Colombia. No, I’m not a Coke Fiend[…]

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