Reclaiming Bogotá’s Sabana Train Station

Exciting times for Bogotá’s Sabana Train Station, potentially, should plans be approved for an inclusive, cultural, educational and recreational space in what was the Puerto Seco of the Colombian capital. If you are not familiar with the columns of the neoclassical facade of the Sabana Train Station (built in 1917 by the Englishman William Lidstone), Read more about Reclaiming Bogotá’s Sabana Train Station[…]

El Negro Comanche: Bogota’s Ñero from Cali

The first I heard of Comanche was when I passed the Camara de Comercio building in Chapinero and saw a makeshift scaffold erected with the bust of a man on top. There he was, Comanche and his supposed date of birth and death. I searched around online and before long found the information I was Read more about El Negro Comanche: Bogota’s Ñero from Cali[…]

A Portrait of Homelessness in Bogota

After eight years of residing in a city does one become so accustomed to the in-your-face-reality of homelessness that you no longer see it? Homelessness in Bogota is everywhere, the less fortunate are all around and are as important to the fabric of this city as the ubiquitous lottery salesmen outside your nearest supermarket, the Read more about A Portrait of Homelessness in Bogota[…]

Bogota, a City of Forgotten Histories

Bogota is a city of forgotten histories. I’m not talking about the ghost tales and antiquated streets in the Candelaria or the obvious significance of this barrio as the first piece in a fragmented, zoneless jigsaw that makes up today’s capital city. I want to take the city as a whole, those parts I know Read more about Bogota, a City of Forgotten Histories[…]

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