Two Babies, very different, on one red-letter week in April

It truly has been a red-letter week. First I have been celebrating the birth of my son, who came into this world on April 9, and then the publication of my first (non guidebook) book entitled, “Was Gabo an Irishman?” Two very different events but both incredibly emotional and satisfying, you’ll agree. James wasn’t timed Read more about Two Babies, very different, on one red-letter week in April[…]

Bogota is Becoming a City.

  For so long Bogota has been a city that belonged to no one. Now, I can say after seven years here that I get the distinct feeling that at long last Bogotanos are taking ownership of their city. Problems aside, (I have written frequently on the topic) Bogota may finally be acquiring a post Read more about Bogota is Becoming a City.[…]

Bogota, a City of Forgotten Histories

Bogota is a city of forgotten histories. I’m not talking about the ghost tales and antiquated streets in the Candelaria or the obvious significance of this barrio as the first piece in a fragmented, zoneless jigsaw that makes up today’s capital city. I want to take the city as a whole, those parts I know Read more about Bogota, a City of Forgotten Histories[…]

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