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We Caused the Traffic Jam on the Carrera Septima in Bogota!

Chances are, if you were stuck in a traffic jam along the Carrera Septima in Bogota yesterday between 1pm and 2pm it was due to the actions of a SITP bus driver scraping alongside my Ford Ecosport whilst attempting to … Continue reading

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One Way in Bogota!

I had to share this image with  you today as I spotted this traffic signal in Chapinero. Confused? Me too. And just around the corner on the Carrera 7 employees of the city decided to recalibrate the traffic lights at … Continue reading

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Will the Bogota Transit Police Stand up to the Bus Companies?

Is it wrong that I smirk and my tiny cast iron heart quivers contentedly when I see that members of the Bogota Transit Police have finally come to their senses and pulled over a public bus for some infraction or … Continue reading

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