Bogotá Stereotype No3: The Carro Escolta

We’ve all been there, whether it behind the wheel of your car and pushed into a non-existent third lane of a two-lane thoroughfare, or feeling as if you are staring down the blunt yet deadly tip of the lance in a jousting tournament as the tell-tale 4×4 bears down on you at the pedestrian crossing, Read more about Bogotá Stereotype No3: The Carro Escolta[…]

Bogota Stereotype No2: The Bicinazi

Don’t even get me started on the inexplicable night-time ciclovia, I promised myself that this wouldn’t end up as a rant and so I must direct my attentions back to my next Bogotá Stereotype, No 2 the Bicinazi. It’s a tough one to call, and I am wary of the term Bicinazi, but in the Read more about Bogota Stereotype No2: The Bicinazi[…]

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