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Bogotá Stereotype No.6: The Bogotano Plan Playa

Having just enjoyed or perhaps better said, participated in a truly Cachaco experience of the Plan Playa in Santa Marta, it almost feels that my targeting this Bogotá Stereotype No.6 is akin to shooting fish in a barrel. I suppose … Continue reading

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Visiting Colombia’s Isla de Providencia Five Years Later

The setting was just as I remembered it, unspoiled, mercifully bereft of other tourists, reggae beats lilting in the background partially drowned out by the telltale rustle of palm fronds, five years later on my return to the Colombian Caribbean … Continue reading

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San Andres, Colombia’s Caribbean Package Tourism Destination

“You live in Bogota? How do you manage it? I have heard that in Bogota it gets so cold that sometimes smoke comes out of your mouth.” A conversation with a San Andresano. Time your flight into San Andres so … Continue reading

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