Can Bogotá’s Teatro San Jorge be Rescued?

“Que buscas joven?” The woman making the enquiry leant forward on to the damp window on my side of the taxi. Her heavy makeup was poorly applied, it was 8.30am and she looked as if she had been working all night. The security offered by the yellow taxi in which I was travelling felt about Read more about Can Bogotá’s Teatro San Jorge be Rescued?[…]

Bogota is Getting the Zoning Laws all Wrong

It seems odd to be writing this from my desk in Mompos, but, being here in a UNESCO World Heritage Site perhaps puts many architectural and urban catastrophes into context and while the issue of zoning and territorial planning is clearly a nationwide problem perhaps nowhere can it be better observed than in Bogota. How Read more about Bogota is Getting the Zoning Laws all Wrong[…]

One Day in Bogota

You can see everything in one day in Bogota. No, I am not talking of a whistle-stop tour of the Candelaria taking in the Donacion Botero, the Museo del Oro, heading up for lunch in the Zona G, before shopping in the Zona Rosa and dining in Usaquen. I spent the whole of the day Read more about One Day in Bogota[…]

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