Advice on Visiting Colombia

Visiting Colombia, land of hummingbirds, fabulous beaches, tropical fruit, beautiful women, coffee, emeralds and other products so beloved of guidebook blurbs and national tourism bureaus can be a daunting prospect and lead to an investigation rife with misinformation. Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay. Colombia, C-o-l-o-m-b-i-a (you have now been officially warned regarding Read more about Advice on Visiting Colombia[…]

San Agustin’s Enormous pre Columbian Cemetery

Here in the districts of Saladoblanco, Isnos and San Agustin, the topography is uneven; valleys, hill plateaus and mountainous clusters come together to form its exotic and varied landscape. It is in this geographically contradictory territory to the south of Huila that in 5300BC an advanced culture evolved existed and disappeared in this strategically important Read more about San Agustin’s Enormous pre Columbian Cemetery[…]

Clean Shaven into Ecuador

My wake-up call was a gun muzzle to the neck. Drawing up at the Ecuadorian immigration post, several kilometers on from the Peruvian exit over parched wasteland, we cut an unruly unwashed rabble of Englishmen and a couple of Irish girls. Unshaven and having slept for a couple of days in my present clothes it Read more about Clean Shaven into Ecuador[…]

Spearfishing in Araracuara, Caqueta, Colombia

I have been meaning to write something about the fishermen risking life and limb fishing in the Caqueta River in southern Colombia for some time. Rather than trivialize their lifestyle, I figured that an image would do these guys justice. Standing still for hours at a time over the perilous white waters of the river, Read more about Spearfishing in Araracuara, Caqueta, Colombia[…]

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