Colombian safari

The Colombian Safari in Casanare

It has taken me no less than eleven years to get to Casanare and to embark upon a Colombian Safari, and while the wait was lengthy, it was an experience that was breathtaking in so many ways. I could wax on about the beauty of the Llanos, the immense skies above us at all moments, Read more about The Colombian Safari in Casanare[…]

Kayak the Magdalena River with Awake Adventures

It’s a dream of mine to kayak along the Magdalena River to Mompos and unfortunately due to personal injury and various commitments it’s not something that I’ll achieve this year. But, this blog is a shout out on behalf of my friends at Awake Adventures to promote their trip leaving on August 14 2014 and Read more about Kayak the Magdalena River with Awake Adventures[…]

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