International Smear Campaign on Medellin?

In March 2013 the Colombian second city of Medellin was being lauded and garlanded due to her recent accolade as “the world’s most innovative city”. Eight months later and it is as if the city of eternal springtime is suffering at the hands of an international smear campaign led by the world’s media. What has Read more about International Smear Campaign on Medellin?[…]

Bogota vs. Medellin: The Eternal Debate

Which is the better city, Bogota or Medellin? There are two well-defined camps amongst visitors, expat residents and travellers when it comes to this long running debate. I am certain to ruffle some feathers, upset others and offend the rest and still be unable to come to a conclusion. As a resident of Bogota, but Read more about Bogota vs. Medellin: The Eternal Debate[…]

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