Surviving and Enjoying a Colombian wedding!

Episode 313

Tomorrow’s Colombia Calling podcast Episode 313 is a humourous look at the wedding game here in Colombia. Long-time transplant from California/ Texas to Bogotá, Eric Tabone of Beyond Business English, reflects along with me some of the more memorable moments during our respective weddings all those years ago. 

I think the overall advice is to expect the unexpected, bringing your dancing shoes, put on your drinking boots and plunge in head first. Actually, this could just be general advice for Colombia! 

This was the state of my best man! 

We’d love to hear back from all of you out there about your wedding experiences here in Colombia. I am sure we could collate a great number of hilarious stories. 

Other News 

In the meantime, please continue to spread the word about the campaign to grow and improve the Colombia Calling podcast and have a read of my recent blog: “A week in the life of Ivan Duque, Colombia’s President (part 2).

Oh, and exciting news, I am starting to price and design some cool Colombia Calling merchandise, so watch this space…

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