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I spotted this act of vandalism the other day and it took me right back to circa 1996 and reminded me of life in London. Sometimes there is graffiti and humour so crass and unimaginative that it positively cries out to be shared. So, when I spotted this on a signpost yesterday in Chapinero, I knew it had to go online. This is not to be confused with a “Colombianada“.

3 Cu"p"os

3 Cu”p”os

I only wish I had a camera on me when I passed the corrientazo restaurant which bore the sign advertising a set lunch menu had the following written up.

Menu Ejecutivo

Menu Ejecutivo

Of course, once you learn about the intricacies of language here in Colombia, and indeed in Latin America, often “beef” is always referred to as “carne”. Why this one restaurant needed to establish the difference between “carne” and “carne de res” is worrying. And before some wise cracker jumps in and suggest that they could have been referring to chicken as a type of “carne”, I admit that this may be the case but in general terms “carne” almost always singularly refers to red meat.

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2 Responses to Reminded of London

  1. Rodrigo Escobar H says:

    I would like to be told why that signpost reminded you of London 1996.

    • Richard says:

      It reminded me due to some poor vandalism I saw not too long ago in London that was in the same \”base humour\”. There was a \”hand car wash\” sign up and someone had helpfully inserted the word \”job\” between \”hand\” and \”car\”.

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