Protests in Bogota and more to come

January 13 and I have only been back in Bogotá for under a week before seeing my first protest march of the year. There will of course be countless demonstrations throughout 2016 and potentially more so due to the considerable and weighty decisions that the government of President Santos will need to make.

Colombians protesting the sale of Isagen in Bogota

Colombians protesting the sale of Isagen in Bogotá

  1. Isagen

I confess to not knowing a great deal about this issue but, it seems fitting to write this as the first demonstration of 2016 for me was that of today’s protest against the sale of Isagen. As of today 13/1/16, Colombia’s cash-strapped government has sold its sold its 57.6% stake in the energy company to Canada’s Brookfield Asset Management for $1.99 billion.

Isagen No Se Vende

Isagen No Se Vende

2. Paro Nacional de…

On January 24 – and this is nationwide – people will take to the streets to protest various economic factors affecting Colombia. These include, corruption, increases in taxes and the pitiful increase in the minimum wage. You can see the invitation here on Facebook. I suspect that these protests will roll on and on throughout 2016.

Protests today in Bogota

Protests in Bogotá

3. Peace?

Is this agreement that President Santos is pushing for on March 23rd with the FARC guerrillas a peace at any cost? I personally don’t think so but there are the naysayers and those in opposition – not to peace I hasten to add, but to the concessions being granted to the FARC.

Any more that I should be made aware of?

For more information about protests in Bogotá and how to survive them please see: A Guide to Demonstrations in Bogotá. And for the fallout and images of demonstrations taking place, Images of the Paro Nacional Agrario.

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  1. Mike Mackenna says:

    Hi Richard. I'm just going to ask- if you didn't know much about Isagen, why not do some research?

  2. Rich says:

    Personally I think they should have tried to lease it first, like a highway (concesión). Forever is a long time, and selling is forever.

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