President Santos vs James Bond

It struck me the other day as I was watching the results roll in for the first round of the Colombian presidential elections that the dove picked as his symbol by President Santos is strikingly reminiscent of the dove pin used as a calling card in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only.

dove pin

Aren’t these dove pins similar? President Santos vs James Bond! Although here Falcao looks a bit like an evil genius in his choice of glasses

A dove pin is a dove pin and they all look alike. But, given this tangle of intrigue that we have been made to endure as we face up to an increasingly tight race for the second round on June 15, let’s at least draw some humour from what has become media-induced prattle.


The official poster for the Bond movie: For Your Eyes Only

The brief plotline provided on IMDB for the film is the following: Agent 007 is assigned to hunt for a lost British encryption device and prevent it from falling into enemy hands.

Encryption, bugs, spying…sounds like the Colombian presidential election campaign!

Despite the storyline regarding the encryption device on a sunken British Navy ship and the stunning – out for revenge – Carole Bouquet with a crossbow, one of the more telling parts played is that of the Belgian enforcer by the name of Emile Leopold Locque. His calling card left on those he kills is, of course, the dove pin. You’ll agree, it could be President Santos’ dove pin. They are available to buy on movie prop websites.


The Belgian enforcer Emile Leopold Locque

Perhaps this presidential race could be the basis for a plot for a new James Bond movie? Probably not though, if we think about it, since it appears that all attempts to wire tap, hack emails and undermine the peace talks in Cuba with the FARC without detection have been acted out by an operation possessing all of the finesse of the Chuckle Brothers (who could be from Boyaca it seems).

So, if President Juan Manuel Santos starts donning octagonal shaped reading glasses we need to be very afraid indeed. As yet, President Santos has not morphed into a calculating Bond villain, as he has been giving out his dove pins to the living. This is where he differs from Locque. Although, might this change depending on the outcome on June 15?





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  1. James Adib says:

    All the James Bond films are brilliant, but my fav' actor is Danial Craig. He is an overall Great Actor, with "talent" and many other Movies he Stars in are Cracker.

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