Pre Hispanic Remains in Mompos

I know that I harp on about this detail all the time, but I am truly captivated by the archaeological finds being drawn from the soil in the Plaza Santa Barbara in Mompos, not least the Pre Hispanic remains found only recently.

archaeology in mompos

Archaeologist Angelica and the remains of a Malibu found at a depth of 1.8m in the Plaza Santa Barbara

Just as the archaeologists – divided between the Plaza Santa Barbara and the Plaza San Francisco – were more or less in agreement that nothing more of serious note would be excavated around the Santa Barbara church, 12 indigenous skeletons were unearthed believed to date back to before the arrival of the Spanish to Mompos. In San Francisco experts have found 80 remains belonging to slaves.


Another unearthed skeleton in Mompos. This one was found at 2.2m in depth and there also the tiny skeleton of an infant alongside.

So, it seems that the renovation and restoration of Mompos is throwing some of the pre conceived history of the town – so carefully guarded by our local academia – into doubt. How exciting.

Speaking to Angelica the lead archeologist on this site who kindly invited me in to see some of the finds, she predicted that these remains belonged to members of the Malibu people native to this region. Interestingly enough a couple of the skeletons found here in Santa Barbara had masks on their faces.

And while certain individuals continue to throw their toys from the pram with childlike letters of complaint in opposition to every and all kinds of restorations to Mompos, you can find me jubilant that our town is receiving much needed and overdue works.

Read my “thank you” piece in the City Paper Bogota.

arqueologia responsable

Arqueologia Responsable


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