Scribbled down to clarify a few things: the peace dialogues with the FARC

Anyone expecting a tome from me regarding the peace dialogues between the FARC guerrillas and the Colombian Government is going to be disappointed. But bear with me, there’s a few things that need to be clarified. Since the Santos government is doing so appallingly badly at getting the message out there to the people, and the Uribe-backed opposition is taking every advantage available to them to undermine efforts, so much is being lost.

La paz en Colombia

La paz en Colombia

A peace agreement with the FARC is not a rampant pathway to impunity

Legitimizing the peace process does not mean that I am in favor, it’s about moving forwards

Those of us in the cities see the conflict as external to our reality, it’s not, we are all involved

No one will be completely satisfied with what is agreed in Havana

There is no impartial justice in Colombia

Do we think that the Colombian State represents the interests of the Colombian people?

There are crimes which are neither pardonable nor amnistiable

Are you wary of Transitional Justice? Do you want the killing to continue?

Colombia requires a complete cultural overhaul, to be able get to the very origins of the realities here

Radical outbursts on either side of the political spectrum are dangerous and wrong at such a time where everything is so delicately balanced

sand bags at a colombian military base

sand bags at a colombian military base

That is all, thank you

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  1. Gerhard Leitner says:

    Hello Richard,
    Possibly you do not recall my visit to Mompos in 2009.
    My first visit to Colombia was in 1978 when Colombia – in hindsight – was relatively calm.
    Since then I visited Colombia several times (2005, 2009, 2010). Indeed there is a remote chance that I will again visit Colombia during my July/August trip to South America this year.
    I am fascinated by Colombia and have been following its course through a rather hectic historical time frame for a long time.
    I have been following your blogs as I believe you are the foremost "connoisseur" of what makes Colombia tick. I am writing these lines in reply to your recent blog.
    Whatever the outcome of this Government/FARC agreement will be, it must – eventually (!) benefit Colombia. Nevertheless some atrocities committed by the FARC must not fall by the wayside (or into oblivion) – too many innocent civilians have been hurt and they deserve justice. It may take some time to settle the justice process, just look at Argentina they are still going through the process 30 years after the events. It will be a long "healing process" as it is called by the "experts"…
    So here it is – my little contribution to your blog.
    I suppose by now you have put well and truly Mompos on the tourist circuit, congratulations to you and your family.
    I must say most of my trips in Colombia are mainly off the beaten track. For a start I usually use the "back entrance" into Colombia that is Leticia, rather than the Rumichaca border crossing coming from Ecuador. However, leaving Colombia is always via the Rumichaca border crossing.
    Here is my assessment of the main tourist destinations in Colombia
    1. Cartagena,
    2. Santa Marta (Sierra de Santa Marta and P.N.Tayrona)
    3. The Coffee Triangle (Pereira, Manizales and Nevado del Ruiz National Park)
    4. Bogota,
    5. Mompos,
    6. Medellin,
    7. Ipiales (Access to large stands of Frailejones in the Volcan Chiles and Volcan Cumbal area) and Las Lajas Catholic Shrine
    8. Parque Arqueologico San Agustin from Popayan
    9 Popayan (Easter celebrations, Silvia and hot spring area west of town
    10. Leticia (Best Amazon basin destination, albeit a bit out of reach).
    I also looked at your Casa Amarilla web page and I am impressed with the details (how to get there – simply fantastic!!!!),
    So I should say you and Alba have rounded the corner and it is plain sailing from now onwards.
    Last but not least I mention at this year's Sydney Travel Exhibition I met the Manager of an Adelaide Tour Operator in a specialty tour operator niche: organising tours for small groups in the forgotten age group – retirees. I suppose it does not hurt to get in touch with this company:
    Paul Cook, Sales manager, Bunnik Tours, 45 Flinders Street, Adelaide S.A. 5000, Australia, email, web page
    I also mention that the Sydney Bush Walking "fraternity" is looking for new South American destinations. I am a regular with a sub group "the midweek walkers". I always mention Colombia (still almost unspoilt) as a new destination. In my opinion Colombia will take off like a rocket once it has brought its house in order.
    I am normally not engaging in social media (facebook etc) as it is a "social chatterbox" and hard to turn off once you set the spiral in motion. But I am a cautious member of linkedIn.
    I have fixed itinerary until Lima and from there, the sky is the limit so to speak.
    Best regards
    Gerry Leitner (the Gipsy from the Vienna Woods)

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