50 Words on the Elections in San Zenón

San Zenón

She was offered ten times her daily wage to back a candidate. She chose him because her family did. Colombia’s dead vote for unpaved roads and no running water. This time, nine months after the elections, the urns didn’t burn and the winner is being investigated as life continues uninterrupted. 

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Required Reading for Colombia: a totally subjective and incomplete list

There is an embarrassment of riches on offer to those seeking out Colombian literature in its original Spanish, versions in English or just books on Colombia written in English. This curated list is by no means complete, blending history, politics, early 20th century love stories, journalism, contemporary horrors and magic realism amongst other genres. But, hopefully it provides a starting point for a love-affair with or a deeper understanding of Colombia.

Obviously, no collection of books on

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Colombia’s Covid-19 Patient 1

Despite having suffered Covid-19 at the very end of February 2020, I was not Colombia’s Covid-19 Patient 1. The dubious honour of that moniker has fallen to the unfortunate person listed as Patient 1, on March 6 upon her return home to Colombia from Milan. She’s not really the Patient 1 either, just a number or a helpful footnote which indicates the date when the Colombian government and Ministry of Health became alert to the idea that Covid-19 could have reached these shores. 

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Escape to Mompós

We did the right thing in leaving Bogotá for Mompós. Cooped up in an apartment, like so many others, for 105 days before we fled for more rural climes had taken its toll.

Of course, there are risks involved for us in leaving the big city for a small town. Primarily, the lack of decent healthcare in Colombia outside of the major urbs is as good as non-existent.

If any of my family falls ill to this virus, we’ll have to decide whether to place our trust in

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