Hotel Complaints…people are strange!

It’s no secret to anyone who has followed this blog for a short while that we are the proprietors of the Casa Amarilla Hotel in Mompos and of course we are in it for the thick and thin of it, complaints, warts and all. So, when I was recently shown a list of the most irregular and unusual hotel complaints in Wanderlust Magazine, I thought I would skim through some of the most bizarre complaints which we have received in the past few months. Here they come in no particular order.

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2017, Colombia’s Year of the Morrongo

I know, I know, I have been circulating this word for a few weeks now – Morrongo, but it’s the best, if not the only way, to spew out a gristly morsel of what lays ahead of us here in Colombia in 2017. This is Colombia’s Year of the Morrongo, or can I say…we are going to face a great deal of Morrongismo?


Etiqueta a un que creas morrongo


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Anti Uribe Graffiti

Looking through my files and photographs from almost ten years of wanderings of life here in Colombia, I came across a number of pieces of Anti Uribe graffiti. Here are a few for you to enjoy. I have not been out exploring recently, but I am sure there are more pieces of graffiti in the same illustrative vein.


No Mas Uribe: Anti Uribe Graffit

No Mas Uribe: Anti Uribe Graffiti

No Mas Uribe: This piece was

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Colombia’s Peace 2.0

Yes, it’s peace agreement signing time again in Colombia. If you have been overwhelmed by the presidential elections in the US then you’ll be forgiven for having missed the issues at stake here for Colombia’s Peace 2.0.

peace march Bogotá

peace march Bogotá

Background to Colombia’s Peace 2.0

Having hammered out a peace agreement which was negotiated from November 2012 until well in to 2016 and then signed before great

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