New Graffiti Spottings in Bogota: Revolucion!

Further graffiti sightings in Bogota are reinforcing the fact that this is fast becoming a destination in which to view urban art or graffiti. Tom Feiling makes reference to the captial’s graffiti in an article in the Guardian newspaper, I was able to publish something some years ago for Matador and I have heard that there is now a company offering a graffiti tour in downtown Bogota. Whatever the case, with the democratization of complaint in Colombia and the political situation that we find ourselves in, there is plenty of material for graffiti artists to work with. This creative urban artwork has long been overlooked but on almost any day in the Candelaria you can find tourists snapping photos of curious urban artwork, whether they are aware of the political reasoning behind it or not.


These examples of interesting piece of graffiti have been spotted near to the Centro Internacional, in the Candelaria and in my barrio of Chapinero.


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