Mompos Celebrates

Can we ever console ourselves after a possibly unjust exit from the World Cup? I am not sure, but, Colombians, Colombia and Mompos were celebrating their nation’s fine performance in Brazil 2014. Just take a look at the following photos to gain an insight into how Mompos celebrates.

colombian football fever

As the national team progressed further in the World Cup, Momposinos started to catch WC fever and painted their windows in the colours of the national flag.

colombian celebrations

Just a few minutes after the final whistle people were out on the streets


In the jubilant scenes, people rode on the tops of Mompos’ mototaxis

Just check out this video and listen to the noise if you are interested in seeing the first celebratory motorcade that ran down Mompos’ Calle del Medio.

motos in mompos

There are far too many motos in Mompos! Most of them were careening up and down the street last night

yellow red and blue

it really was a festival of yellow, red and blue on the streets of Mompos


the inevitable arrival of speaker systems just made the celebrations more raucous

Young and old were out celebrating...but perhaps maybe mainly young!

Young and old were out celebrating…but perhaps maybe mainly young!

So, the dream is over once again but Colombia did themselves proud. They reached the quarter finals beating Greece 3-0, the Ivory Coast 2-1, Japan 4-1 and then Uruguay 2-0 before losing in a physical rumble 2-1 versus Brazil. It was a tough break, they could have gone all the way, perhaps. But, it’s been fun. In particular I have been most pleased with the way that Mompos celebrates and how the locals adopted foreign tourists and involved them in the celebrations.



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  1. This is really a good celebration after the winning game. james is really a good player for his team.

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