Matt Rendell and the Colombia Calling podcast

Well, I think that Ep315 was a roaring success, in fact the podcast must have been shared on Reddit or some such forum as Episodes 314, 314 and 313 went viral on Soundcloud. Matt Rendell provided us with a very interesting insight into how our Colombian hero cyclists achieve what others can only dream about. 

It seems like such a long time ago now that we were recording as so much has happened since. 

Of course, I don’t need to say it and you already know, but the Corona Virus is here in Colombia and at the time of writing, reported cases have reached 45. This figure will grow and I have been impressed with the Government’s response. I am no fan of the President, but, when he is able to be himself…an ordinary administrator or a middle management lackey, he is actually quite good at it. His Sunday night address, despite some odd turns of phrase was decent. Of course, Duque made appeals to the economic and business sectors and really left aside the human element which needed to be addressed. Whatever the case, Duque showed that in isolating and perhaps muzzling the lunatics in his Centro Democratico party, he can be acceptable. 

Anyway, schools have cancelled classes, I have two children under the age of five at home and yet, I promise we will continue to produce the Colombia Calling podcast. I know you will all enjoy Tuesday’s conversation with Elizabeth Dickinson, a Snr Analyst at Crisis Group during which we discuss the complexities of the department of Cauca. 

In the meantime, please, all of you stay safe, follow the health and security directions and let’s try and meet one another in person once this pandemic has passed. 

Un abrazo from Bogotá


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