Kayak the Magdalena River with Awake Adventures

It’s a dream of mine to kayak along the Magdalena River to Mompos and unfortunately due to personal injury and various commitments it’s not something that I’ll achieve this year. But, this blog is a shout out on behalf of my friends at Awake Adventures to promote their trip leaving on August 14 2014 and taking in the deliciously named towns of Tamalameque, El Banco – during the Cumbia Festival – Guamal and then my stomping ground of Mompos.

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Kayaking on the Magdalena River courtesy of www.awakadventures.com

There are all sorts of government touted plans for the Magdalena River, but eco, ethno and cultural tourism options all seem to have escaped the brief. So, in a region crying out for some alternative and socially aware industry, Awake Adventures is offering a very special opportunity for journalists, photographers, bloggers and so on to come on this trip at net cost.

Just imagine, kayaking along past these riverside communities which remain unknown to most Colombians, lands which contain legends and lore that have been passed down aurally from generation to generation and really make up part of the backbone of contemporary and pre-Hispanic Colombia. The Magdalena River is where it all began!


The 30th Cumbia Festival in August 2014 in El Banco, Magdalena

I have made a great deal of noise about the restoration of Mompos as this is of particular interest to me, and the fact that the huge excavation took place in front of my Casa Amarilla, revealing perfectly preserved skeletons dating back to before the arrival of the Spanish and the contemporary founding of Mompos in 1537 is very telling regarding the importance of this region.

And could there be any better time to participate in such an expedition? During the Cumbia Festival…one of the most well-known yet least visited Colombian National Heritage celebrations around. So, if you want to get involved, hear the timeless music of Jose Barros live and experience a truly cultural and natural expedition get in touch with the team at Awake Adventures here:

Contact: Carrera 11 # 98 – 46, Bogotá / teléfono fijo: (+571) 6363903 / celular: (+57) 3138329169 / email: info@awake.travel

Addiitionally, listen to my Colombia Calling interview with Miguel Torres of Awake Adventures here.

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