Julian Assange Meets Crisp: More Street Art in Bogota

Zipping along the Avenida Caracas (crack ass) in Chapinero, Bogota a few months ago a new set of graffiti murals struck my eye as I headed south from Calle 60, no, I was not mistaken, there he was, Julian Assange. How amazing to see a nondescript wall in the pet shop district painted with such an international and highly contentious and politicized piece of street art. Bogota does not leave you wanting when it comes to excellent graffiti.

Crisp's Julian Assange in Bogota

Crisp’s Julian Assange in Bogota

Then only days after this viewing, and promising myself that I would walk the dog this way one day and photograph the wall before it was painted over, I got to meet the artist in person at a house party. What an interesting and motivated character. More on Crisp later as I am hoping to have him as a guest on my radio show sometime soon, however, if you are interested, check out his page for more information about the guy and his work.

Always thought provoking and intensely interesting, Bogota’s mayhem reveals a great deal about the city and after heading off track from the ciclovia today I was also privy to this gem on the pavement. Stepped on by thousands yet read by but a few.

En la Calle...

En la Calle…

I believe that work belongs to the creative mind of another street artist notorious in Bogota called Toxicomano. You can see more of his painting around the Planetarium. The literal translation is: “In the street one is taught and one learns.”








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