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Some months ago I received a very welcome email message from a long-time listener of the Colombia Calling podcast and self-proclaimed, “Colombia Evangelist,” Joseph “Joey” Czikk of Montreal. It’s always a real pleasure to read over emails of the type he sent, in truth I must mention that I don’t receive a lot of hate-mail mainly trolls on social media, and a conversation started up about his trips to Colombia, his work as a journalist, the experience of having crashed on Adriaan Alsema’s (Colombia Reports) sofa in Medellin and much more. 

Anyway our email exchanges continued with Joey offering appreciated feedback and then the gracious invitation to join him for a beer, coffee and even lunch when he was next in Bogotá. Now, this grubby freelancer will ordinarily leap at the chance and will eagerly travel for food, beer and coffee but having just become a father for the second time, my sorties out from our home are limited somewhat. 

Then Joey had a fantastic idea. 

His suggestion was that he be permitted to record a podcast episode with him as the host talking to me and having me reflect on some of the more memorable shows over the years dating back to 2016. Now, to date I have recorded 308 episode and some are notably better than others, some are awful and some are average. But, there’s a market for all types. And so, we went for it and the result is Ep309 (28/2/20). 

In order to prepare for this show, Joey requested that I might put together a list of episodes about which we could speak and here’s the resulting list – the task was overwhelming and the list became very extended. 

1. Literature and History 

302 Toby Muse with Kilo

272 Mark Litwicki with Bogotano por Accidente

268 Dr Matthew Brown on the British Legion

263 Emma Louise Jay on Jose Maria Cordova

224 Juan Fernando Hincapie with Mother Tongue a Bogotan Story

210 Bogotá Writers, Voices of Bogotá 

208 Eduardo Bechara, the new Voices of South American Poetry 

205 Kelly Brooke Nichols, A Reluctant Warrior 

199 Julianne Pachico, the Lucky Ones

183 Tom Feiling, the Island that Disappeared

140 Anthony Patrick LaRose, Cathedral of Salt 

130 Paula Delgado Kling, Stolen Lives 

115 Brian Ward, 48 Million Colombians Can’t Be Wrong

102 Barry Max Wills, storytelling from Anserma

80 Was Gabo an Irishman

The Footloose American with Brian Kevin

Dancing Feat, Neil Bennion

This Mick’s Life with Colin Post 

2. Academia and Politics

any episode with Adriaan Alsema and with Sergio Guzman of Colombia Risk Analysis

91 Fatalism and Poverty in Cali with Marie Quinney

118, the truth about Narcos with Steven Cohen

135 Wally Broderick on Colombia’s prison system 

137 Roxanne Krystali on gender peace and politics

141 Chocolate for Peace with Gwen Burnyeat

184 Forgotten Peace with Rob A Karl

245 Democracy and Displacement with Abbey Steele 

255 The Making of Democracy and the Colombian Middle Class, Ricardo López Pedreros

261 Guerrilla Marketing with Alex Fattal 

264 demobilization of the AUC with Rachel Schmidt 

265 Dehumanization of the Other with Yana Shevkirova

273 Resisting War in Colombia with Oliver Kaplan 

289 Bogota politics needs more nerds with Diego LaSerna

3. Journalists (not listing ep numbers!)

Adriaan Alsema, Toby Muse, Kevin Howlett, Richard Emblin, Bogota Post, Frank Cardona, Julia Symmes Cobb, Steven Grattan, Dylan Baddour, Malcolm Linton, Carlos Villalon, Andrew Wight, Matt Charles, Andrew Dier, Alex Egerton, Simon Willis, Kate Horne, Brendan Corrigan, Kyra Gurney, Natalie Southwick, Wesley Tomaselli. 

4. Personal Favourites

Kidnapped in Colombia – Tom Hart Dyke

The Footloose American with Brian Kevin 

108 I survived a crocodile attack with Brian Rea

125 the Lost City, Santiago Giraldo 

127 Triumph of the Human Spirit with Dan Eley 

131 Bastardos y Diablos with Andrew Perez

173 the dating in Colombia episode with Lorna Phillips 

186 How Heavy Metal gave Medellin’s youth a voice in the 1980s with Alex de Moller

209 Adolf Hitler in Colombia, Stuart Oswald

216 Matt Charles talking about embedding with ELN

285 Brewing Craft Beer with the FARC, Wally Broderick 

291 Traditional medicines in the Putumayo with Hernando Echeverri 

302 Toby Muse and his book, Kilo 

303 Darien Gap Adventure is a Go, Daniel Eggington 

Quite frankly, having gone through the full list of episodes done and recorded, it’s hard not to be a little proud. That said, Joey and I needed to hone down the list to the bare bones and we managed to do so, focusing on a dozen or more in the upcoming episode. 

The result is a stroll down Colombia Calling’s memory lane, but also, a chance for long-time listeners to reflect on previous episodes and consider how times have changed over the past four years in Colombia and how the podcast itself has evolved. 

And so, I will keep on repeating this until I am blue in the face, see and hear the changes and help us grow further and throw a couple of dollars at the Patreon campaign please. I’m not going anywhere, the podcast is not going to go away either, but, some financial help is needed to continue improving, for your listener experience and benefit. 

Armed with a craft beer from Boyaca, Joey took to the task in hand with aplomb. I like the show, I’m sure he does too and I am certain you will as well. So, let me take this moment to thank Joseph Czikk for his time and efforts in hosting Ep309. You may not laugh out loud as much as you did upon hearing Jim Davies’ adventures in Cali but, it’s a different sort of show which is very enjoyable indeed. 

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Please spare us a dollar or two a month, spread the word about the podcast and feel free to nominate further interviewees. 

Saludos de Bogotá


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