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It’s a case of slow and steady, and here I am hoping that slow and steady wins the race or at least reaches the campaign goal.

I am writing this as we sit on the eve of historic events in Colombia, events which will have far-reaching consequences and significance not only for Colombia but for region as a whole. Read the following article if you have not already heard about today’s announements out of Cuba where the peace negotiations are taking place with the FARC guerrillas.

Cease-fire reached to end Colombia’s decades-long war

Wouldn’t you prefer to be reading a long-form article about the complexities in Colombia written by a conflict resolution specialist or perhaps someone who has spent time on the ground as an official civilian witness? Wouldn’t you like to hear from Colombians and or expats resident in this country about how a peace agreement with the FARC might affect the economy, tourism and various businesses? What of life in the cities, how would this react to a peace in the countryside? How will the urban art world react? How will the opposition political parties respond?

There is almost too much to consider and this is what I guarantee we’ll be reporting on in the Colombia Calling magazine. Being an annual publication, there’ll be the opportunity to really investigate and respond to the burning questions.

Episode 144 of the @ColombiaCalling podcast deals with many of these issues and more in an insightful and exclusive first interview given to the press by Miguel Samper, the Director of the National Land Agency in Colombia. By getting an interview with the son of former President Ernesto Samper, Colombia Calling proved once again that it is a legitimate news source in the country. Tune in and you too can listen to the discussions we enjoyed around the topics of land reform and transitional justice.

So please, spread the word and make a contribution if you can. Support independent media in Colombia. 

Remember, this is all or nothing. If we don’t receive the minimum of $15,000 by the end of the 60-day campaign, the project doesn’t happen and you aren’t charged. Pledge on Indiegogo.

Thank you!

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