Graffiti in the ‘Hood

Amazing graffiti in Bogota, Colombia

As a resident here in Bogota for going on 5 years I am remain amazed at the variety of graffiti found all about the city. A great deal can be linked to gang tags and basic vandalism, although most is political in nature and examples of this can be found on a post I created recently for the NileGuide. I was also able to do a pictorial for the Matador Network as well, so you can tell that I certainly pay attention to this urban artwork. But, today was an exception, I had never walked down this street before preferring to take another route home. Look what I was missing!

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Anglo-Canadian resident in Colombia. Journalist, Writer, Hotelier, Expedition Guide
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  1. Mathew says:

    The quill is mightier than the sword.

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