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Richard McColl has worked as a freelance journalist for 12 years in Colombia and before that from across the Americas contributing articles to a variety of media outlets. Print: Wall Street Journal, Dialogo-Americas (US), BBC online, Matador network (US), The Scotsman, Global Travel (UK), Aventura magazine (CR), Central America Weekly (CR), Newsweek, CNN Traveller, Traveller Magazine, South American Explorers Club Magazine (US),, Pure magazine, the Daily Telegraph (UK), the Independent (UK), Global Traveler (US), the Santiago Times (Chile), Tatler (UK), San Diego Reader (US), The City Paper Bogota (Col), The Bogota Post (Col), Business Insider (Col) Huffington Post, the Scrib (Can), Sidetracked Magazine (UK), Perceptive Travel (US), Running Times (US), NileGuide (US) Anadolu Agency (Tur), Latin Correspondent, The Daily Beast (US) Marx Rand Magazine Radio: BBC radio, BBC World Service, Radio 5 Live, NPR, Overseas Radio Network/ Escape Artist and Monocle 24. Television: BBC, CTV news (Can) RCN (Col), El Tiempo (Col), CNN Turk, DWtv news (Ger), TRT (Tur), Lonely Planet Docs, Where Next docs?, Sky One (UK), isNews (NY, Israel).


Colombia’s military faces challenges over peace talks

Colombian Army has growing Role in Flood Defence

Nukak disposession highlights Amazonian tribes’ plights

Seeking Garcia Marquez Magic in Colombia

En Busca de Macondo (BBCmundo spanish)

The Daily Beast

Who Will Hire Colombia’s Ex-Terrorists?

Where are the Bodies Buried in Colombia?

Did The U.S.-Cuba Deal Help Drive A Rebel Ceasefire in Colombia?

Wall Street Journal

Noise Levels Erupt on the Streets of Colombia as Elections Approach

ASIS Security Management

Secure Activism 101: How to Survive a Demonstration 


Cocaine: an uneasy paradox in the Colombian Pacific

Cash and Reconciliation in Colombia

Bogota, Choking Herself Forwards

CNN Traveller

Colombia: the Forgotten Conquistador

Panama: Hats off to Progress

Providencia: Location, Location, Location

Ilha do Marajo: Treasure Island


The Havana Peace Accords: The FARC’s Last Chance?

Take Pride in Bogota

Colombia Reports

Colombia’s April Fool’s march against corruption or against peace?

Gustavo Petro, Bogota’s uncompromising heavy metal mayor


Colombian ELN Rebels Free Kidnapped Canadian Engineer Gernot Wober

Colombia Launches Offensive Against Illegal Mining in Eight Departments

Most Colombians Believe FARC Peace Talks Will Bear Fruit, Says Survey

Colombia’s ELN Guerrillas Free 2 German Hostages Held Since November

Bogotá Inaugurates Innovative Municipal Drug Treatment Program

Colombia’s ELN Frees 5 Foreigners; Canadian Man Remains in Captivity

Colombians Brace for Violence as FARC Ends Unilateral Ceasefire

Colombia’s Anti-FARC Battle Plays Out on Airwaves, Social Media

Colombian Officials Debate Anti-FARC Strategies at Bogotá Seminar

FARC Attacks Terrorize Inhabitants of Southwestern Colombian Town

Colombian Soldier Landmine Injuries Treated At Bogotá Hospital

Flooding Prompts Humanitarian Response from Colombian Army

Latest Bogotá Bombing Targets Outspoken FARC Critic, Unnerves Residents

Colombian Troops Shut down FARC rebel Hospital in Bogota

Global Traveller

Colombia: Off The Beaten Path

Heart of Cartagena

Bogota: Brick by Brick

Panama City: Side by Side

Bogota: Closer to the Stars

Huffington Post

Colombia’s Wild East, the Guajira Desert

Daily Telegraph

Future Looks Bright for Panama

Where Ghostly Tales and Hidden Treasure are all in a day’s work

House-Hunting in Marquez Country

The Independent

Colombia: A Long Way from Home

Sidetracked Magazine

Araracuara: Travels with Rambo

Perceptive Travel Magazine

Tranquilandia Transformed in Colombia

San Diego Reader

Macchu Picchu, in style

Caño Cristales, Colombia. On the region’s blood-red river, and other anomalies.

Providencia, Colombia: Tales of pirates and Puritans in this Caribbean island hideaway

I Am Rambo in Chiribiquete

Surinam: Outpost for the Scottish Diaspora

Carnaval en Rio – Firsthand

Into the Heart of Magic Realism Country

Striking a Balance in the Falklands

Other Publications

Uncharted101: One Man’s Follies in Macondo

Talking About Colombia: “Was Gabo an Irishman?” By Guest blogger Richard McColl

Talking About Colombia: “Mompos.” By guest blogger Richard McColl.