Flojera Total!

Last year’s blog post to start the 2014 was a lament at having sat around until March before getting stuck in to the year. Fortunately, things have started sooner this time around, perhaps due to various obligations and necessities which you would all be familiar with if you had listened to Episode 80 of Colombia Calling, “Was Gabo an Irishman?” So, this time, despite being more punctual, I offer you a blog post that is entitled Flojera Total!

The Casa Amarilla Hotel in Mompos

The Casa Amarilla Hotel in Mompos

I spent the whole Christmas season running my little hotel, the Casa Amarilla in Mompos. It was a phenomenal season and looks set to continue well into 2015.


The cats of the Mompos cemetery

My time was spent guiding in Mompos and writing for the mainstream media in addition to completing some chapters of “the Mompos Project“. So far I have received two rejection letters for my book, but, I remain positive that the document will be finished in coming months and I will find a publisher or I will self publish.

christening in Mompos

My godson’s christening

We had the wonderful honour of being named as godparents to little Juan Felipe seen here at his christening.

Howler Monkey

The afternoon’s entertainment in Mompos

It’s amazing how much joy a howler monkey on the cables in Mompos can bring!

Casa Amarilla

A wonderful garden shot in the Casa Amarilla taken by Carlos Mario Zabaleta

Sometimes, you get so overwhelmed and overworked you need to step back from it all and weigh up what you have. Just looking at this beautiful image of our internal garden in the Casa Amarilla reminds me that we have a great thing going here in Mompos.

There you have it, Flojera Total!

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