Flights to Mompós!

We’ve been campaigning for this since 2008…and now, it’s a reality. Direct flights to Mompós from both Medellin and Cartagena. This, for us with two businesses in the hospitality industry in this small town, is a game-changer. On a personal note, I can’t go back to the 12 hour drive from Bogotá or hauling children to nearby airports in the region to then make the overland journey of six, five, three or two hours to get to Mompós. It’s a direct flight or nothing!

Check out the Easyfly page to see availability and schedules for these flights.

Just 65 minutes from Medellin and 30 minutes from Cartagena!

Apparently, the flight from Bogotá is under consideration at the moment. The only issue is that of refuelling at the San Bernardo airport in Mompós which, as yet, does not have these capabilities.

And the best thing of all, the announcement of the arrival of the aircraft as you wait for your flight out:

“Si dios quiere, el vuelo desde Medellin estará aterrizando pronto.”

“God willing, the flight arriving from Medellin will be landing soon.”

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