Faces of Mompós

Hard work, a life of service, be it in a photography studio, as a carpenter, a potter or a builder, each of these faces and individuals has a story to tell. This entry here, entitled: “The Faces of Mompós,” has been composed in such a way that the faces tell their own story. I shall only provide a few details about each person and leave the rest to your imagination.


This is Jorge. Jorge has worked on building sites and restorations for us in Mompós for almost ten years now. In this photo he is carving up sections of the Viuda de Carne on May Day for all the workers on our latest project. He has never missed a day of work while on the job for us.


Rodolfo worked tirelessly alongside Jorge for many years, until he suffered a heart attack in 2018. Their banter, often bawdy, always lightened the mood on the building site. Having received a triple bypass, Rodolfo can no longer participate in heavy work and has to make do with less strenuous chores for work.


Carmelo has run the family business for some 50 years. His shop, Foto Calderón, is a mainstay of Mompós’ antiquated and ornate Calle Real del Medio. Alongside the more modern digital cameras and Kodak printing machines there is old photographic equipment and an archive of hundreds of passport sized images dating back many years.


Eberto has been the town potter for as long as he can remember. In addition to his own work space in his home, he also works out of Mompós’, Escuela de Taller where children from more precarious and humble backgrounds are paid to learn trades. Eberto worries that younger generations are not interested in learning how to spin the wheel.

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