Displaced Embera community occupies Bogotá’s Parque Nacional

Mothers and children make up the majority of the Embera community here, originally displaced from Colombia’s Choco department.
An Embera boy watches from behind a tree as the chicken smokes over a rustic fire
Embera children can be seen playing all around this area of the park enjoying the sunshine before Bogotá’s afternoon rains strike.
Clothes which could fit my younger son, washed in the waters of the nearby Rio Arzobispo and then laid out to dry in the few hours of sun.
Graffiti stencil that remains from the Paro Nacional seems fitting now. “Tu silencio es cómplice.”
On an ordinary weekend, Bogotano families would be found here enjoying a Sunday in the fresh air of the park.
Uncertainty for the Embera community in the Parque Nacional.
the Guardia Indígena is on hand to ward off any attempts by the authorities to drive the community from this area by force.
The police are present with their riot gear as well.
the Embera children were rapt with the balloon vendor’s wares.
From what I’ve been told, many children are sick and are suffering from diarrhea as well as being in need of blankets and medicines.
There are more cambuches than you would imagine.

Displaced from their ancestral lands in Choco due to increased violence, the Embera mother spoken to said that she and her family had been in Bogotá for two years. Roughly a fortnight ago they left the barrio of Los Mártires in downtown Bogotá, where they had been living and came here to the Parque Nacional.

She said that they came from the municipality of Bagadó, Choco close to the department of Risaralda and 300km, give a take a few, to the west of Bogotá. The expansion of the ELN guerrillas and the Clan del Golfo in the region has resulted in this humanitarian tragedy.

In a recent appeal, Embera spokesperson Maria Violet Medina, called upon the public to make donations of nappies (all sizes, apparently up to 70 per cent of the population here are children), blankets and medicines for diarrhea, colds and coughs.

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