Crossing the Darien, a three-part series on the Colombia Calling podcast

For the first time, the Colombia Calling podcast will be running a three-part series as we explore the intricacies, horrors and realities of the physical and mental strain endured by migrants crossing the Darien Gap from Colombia to Panama. 

Canadian journalist Nadja Drost has been incredibly gracious with her time in talking to us extensively from Toronto. With her, we will follow the route made by Haitians, Camerounians, Angolans, Sri Lankans, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and so many more as they seek a better life in the US. 

We do not stop with just the part from Colombia to Panama, over the series we find out what has happened – where possible –  to those who journeyed with Drost. 

This series was inspired in part by Drost’s incredible piece of writing from April 2020 in the California Sunday magazine

So please, listen, share and talk about this show. I for one am very excited for the reactions to Episodes 324, 325 and 326. 

Of course, revisit Ep303 with Briton Daniel Eggington who had unsuccessfully planned to do the trip up the Pacific side in December 2019. 

Thank you in advance


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