“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” ― Confucius

45 days remaining a still some way to go…but, it’s all good and I am feeling positive about the Colombia Calling Magazine campaign. Just as the podcast has grown, so too will the support for the magazine.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” ― Confucius

There are 19 backers on board and 45 days remaining to reach the goal.

If we do a little maths and think that on the Colombia Calling FB page there are 1,141 Likes and that each week the podcast receives somewhere upwards of 8000 downloads…we must be doing something right to attract all of these participants and listeners. If each of the people following us on FB contributed just $13 each we would come in above our required goal of $15000 to make the magazine a reality. If each listener from the 8000 downloaders were to donate just $1.50, we would make it easily.

It’s worth thinking about. What does this correspond to in daily life?

twitter truths

twitter truths

So, let me extend this plea to those of you out there to back long-form quality journalism for Colombia.

This is your opportunity to help others learn about the real Colombia, hear it from the people on the ground and the experts in their field, enjoy photographs and artwork from professionals. Colombia Calling will be the best in the business in English all about this country we love called Colombia.

Why can I make the Colombia Calling Magazine a reality and a success? I am a long-time resident here, I have made Colombia my home, I am the principal author to the latest Bradt Guide to Colombia, the principal author of the Michelin Guide to Colombia, have worked as a blogger for ProColombia, I am an editor and author of the non-fiction work: “Was Gabo an Irishman”, a foreign correspondent for the international press for Colombia, know what it is like to start a business from scratch and create an economic stimulus in a town (La Casa Amarilla Hotel in Mompos), have interviewed and have access to decision makers, am a Conflict Resolution Specialist and am currently studying for a PhD here in Colombia.

If the goal of $15,000 is not reached, the magazine will not be created.

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