Colombia Calling

Colombia Calling is your first stop magazine-style podcast for everything you ever wanted to know about Colombia. Interviewing experts in the travel industry, dealing with security issues and explaining the cultural nuances of this newly fashionable destination, Colombia Calling is hosted by Anglo Canadian expat Richard McColl and broadcast on the Overseas Radio Network

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Colombia Calling Radio show

Colombia Calling Radio show

Offering honest and frank reporting Colombia Calling is aimed at those wishing to visit, invest in and escape to Colombia. With a country like Colombia it makes no sense to do things by halves and so Colombia Calling responds with accuracy, candour and vigour.  

You can download the shows on Itunes, on Stictcher, on Soundcloud from the Overseas Radio Network site or here as well. And of course, drop by and “like” our facebook page. If you want to listen online: then here! 


Episode 160: The New Face of Colombia comes to London

Episode 159: Talking about Cienaga Grande with Jacqui De Klerk 

Episode 158: Repairing stolen lives with Marcia Engels

Episode 157: Peace Agreements, parallels between Colombia and Northern Ireland

Episode 156: Medellin and Netflix’s Narcos with Adriaan Alsema

Episode 155: Birdwatching in Colombia hosted by Laura Brown

Episode 154: La Vecina, Cartagena, changing lives in La Boquilla

Episode 153: Kogi Coffee exported to Australia from Colombia

Episode 152: The Success of the Legend of El Dorado mtn bike race

Episode 151: Luxury in the Coffee region at El Lugar

Episode 150: The Domino Volunteers in Cartagena 

Episode 149: La Feria del Millon with Juan Rincon

Episode 148: Yoga in the Colombian Caribbean

Episode 147: The Pereira City Guide with Erin Donaldson

Episode 146: What does peace with the FARC mean for tourism?

Episode 145: Calle 22 in Bogota with Roberto Uribe

Episode 144: An interview with Colombia’s Miguel Samper

Episode 143: La Mesa Food Tours in Colombia

Episode 142: Meaningful Travel in Colombia with Simon Winograd

Episode 141: Chocolate of Peace Documentary with Gwen Burnyeat

Episode 140: Cathedral of Salt by Anthony Patrick LaRose

Episode 139: Federico Pardo is Colombia’s Biologist Indiana Jones!

Episode 138: Dine out in Bogota with Spoontano

Episode 137: Roxanne Krystali talks gender and politics in Colombia

Episode 136: The Colombia Marathon in 2017 with Nick Kershaw

Episode 135: Talking about Colombia’s prison system with Wally Broderick 
Episode 134: Returning to Colombia and contributing with Natalia Quintero
Episode 133: Who knows about the journeyman futbol coach Jack Greenwell? 
Episode 132: Talking to the City Paper’s Jared Wade
Episode 131: Bastards y Diablos with Andrew Perez
Episode 130: “Stolen Lives”A memoir from Colombia with Paula Delgado Kling
Episode 129: Where Next? the story of Gregg Bleakney in Colombia
Episode 128: Cooking and creating in Colombia with Jennie Levitt
Episode 127: A triumph of the human spirit with Dan Eley
Episode 126: Colombia is booming in 2016 with Sam Miller of Colombia International
Episode 125: Everything you need to know about Colombia’s Lost City with Santiago Giraldo
Episode 124: The Open Minded Traveller with Erin Donaldson 
Episode 123: Welcome to 2016 with Colombia Calling 
Episode 122: A secondment in Colombia with Sarah Hornby
Episode 121: Hallo Casa a new platform for buying and selling property in Colombia
Episode 120: the Trials of an American awaiting extradition from Colombia
Episode 119: Dining amongst Strangers with BogotaPopupsEpisode 118: The truth about Netflix’s “Narcos” with Steven Cohen

Episode 117: Contemporary Colombian Art with Sandra Higgins

Episode 116: Bogotana Viviana Cardozo and her move to Los Angeles

Episode 115: 48 million Colombians Can’t be Wrong, an interview with Brian Ward

Episode 114: Return to the Legend of El Dorado with Dave Proctor

Episode 113: Interview with Save the Children’s Colombia Director Jez Stoner

Episode 112: Filming in Colombia with Screen Colombia

Episode 111: Bogota’s Forgotten San Jorge Theatre

Episode 110: Leaving Colombia for a new life in Houston

Episode 109: Host Richard McColl is the “English Voice of Colombia”

Episode 108: I Survived a Crocodile Attack with surfer Brian Rea

Episode 107: An interview with Colombia-phile and author Tom Feiling

Episode 106: Interview with David Miller, author and senior editor of the Matador Netwo

Episode 105: Flavors of Bogota with Karen AttmanEpisode 104: Bogota is Bogotastic with Jade LongelinEpisode 103: Talking festivals in Colombia with Charlotte McKenzieEpisode 102: A sit down with Australian master story teller Barry Max WillsEpisode 101: Adopted from Colombia with Alex Westendorf

Episode 100: A review of the Colombian peace dialogues with Kevin Howlett

Episode 99: Bogota for Foodies with Loon Lio

Episode 98: Creative Mornings Bogota with Maria Linares

Episode 97: A change in form as author Ian McKinley guest hosts Colombia Calling

Episode 96: The implications for security in Colombia if a peace agreement is reached with Ben Hockman

Episode 95: The truth about being an entrepreneur in Colombia with Alex Torrenegra

Episode 94: The importance of April 9 in Colombia

Episode 93: The Colombian legal system with Beverley CaddaganEpisode 92: The Legend of El Dorado with Dave ProctorEpisode 91: Fatalism and Poverty in Cali with Marie Quinney
Episode 90: Transitional Justice in Colombia with Richard McColl
Episode 89: Travels around Colombia with Francesca Tarrant
Episode 88: A South American adventure and beyond with Karin of Landcruising Adventures
Episode 87: The Bogota Post with Emma Newbery and Azzam Alkhaidi
Episode 86: The Bogota environment with Juan Carlos Caicedo
Episode 85: This week in Colombia with Richard McColl
Episode 84: Leaving Colombia with Claire Austin
Episode 83: The startup revolution in Colombia with Juan Novoa
Episode 82: “How to Bogota?” with Naomi Dalton
Episode 81: Birding in Colombia with Chris Bell
Episode 80: Was Gabo an Irishman with Caroline Doherty de Novoa and Victoria Kellaway?
Episode 79: An Englishman in Cali with Jim Davies
Episode 78: A Colombian Diary with Julia Symmes Cobb
Episode 77: An interview with Canadian diplomat and author Ian McKinley
Episode 76: The Great British Cider Company in Colombia
Episode 75: One Chinese in Colombia with Jessica Wong
Episode 74: A Sit down with the Bogota Writers
Episode 73: Discussing Reconciliation and the Colombia peace dialogues with Rodeemos el Dialogo
Episode 72: The Footloose American with author Brian Kevin 
Episode 71: Photographing Colombia with Fetze Weestra
Episode 70: Setting up a health food business in Colombia with Matt Aaron
Episode 69: Natalie Southwick, the Latin Correspondent
Episode 68: Healing Colombia with Alice Dow
Episode 67: Dancing Feat: One man’s mission to dance like a Colombian with Neil Bennion
Epidode 66: The Venezuelan situation with Javier Nieto
Episode 65: How Geek Therapy came to Colombia with Josue Cardona
Episode 64: The Lonely Planet Guide to Colombia with Kevin Raub
Episode 63: Speaking with Benjamin Hockman and Security and Risk Management Expert in Colombia
Episode 62: Internally Displaced People in Colombia with Jessica Weiss
Episode 61: Diversity and the new Moon Travel Guide to Colombia with Andrew Dier
Episode 60: Bringing Lacrosse to Colombia with Lottie Lawrence
Episode 59: “I touched all your stuff” an interview with Christopher Kirk
Episode 58: This Mick’s Llife, Addiction and Underworld from Ireland to Colombia with Colin Post
Episode 57: Talking Colombia and Coffee with Carl Meek
Episode 56: Kayak the Magdalena River with Awake Adventures
Episode 55: Off2Colombia and Cheap Flights in Latin America with Josian Chevallier
Episode 54: How to Quit Your Job and Travel the world with Sarah Duncan
Episode 53: The Colombian election special with Kevin Howlett and Mark Kennedy
Episode 52: Experience Bogota with 5Bogota
Episode 51: The World Cup special with Carl Worswick
Episode 50: Interview with the gambling man Dan Kaiser
Episode 49: Bogota Business English with Eric Tabone
Episode 48: An interview with the author of “Colombia a Comedy of Errors”, Sergio Lievano
Episode 47: The brains behind Colombia’s only energy magazine, Tom Willatt
Episode 46: The making of the American Kitchen with Matt Rines
Episode 45: Explaining the Colombian presidential elections with Kevin Howlett
Episode 44: A chat with journalist and storyteller Wesley Tomaselli
Episode 43: Speaking about Colombian tourism with industry expert Lorena Waserman
Episode 42: Talking with Alex Egerton, author of the Lonely Planet Guide to Colombia
Episode 41: Why the troubles in Venezuela affect Colombia with Mark Kennedy
Episode 40: Being a British Muslim in Colombia with Kai Whiting
Episode 39: Finding Employment in Colombia with Hannah Matthews
Episode 38: Cacao in Colombia with Chocolatier Suzie Hoban
Episode 37: Tourism and Tea in Colombia with Laura Cahnspeyer
Episode 36: Kidnapped in Colombia with Tom Hart Dyke of the Cloud Garden
Episode 35: Running a Business in the Colombian Economy with Nick Pickthall of CPLAromas.
Episode 34: All about NGO WarChild Colombia with Director Ramin Shahzamani
Episode 33: Contemporary Colombia with Fulbright Scholar and Journalist Kyra Gurney
Episode 32: Studying at a Colombian University with Tara Daze
Episode 31: Moving to Barranquilla with Will Castillo of Barranquilla Living
Episode 30: Magic Realism in Aracataca with Tim Buendia of the Gypsy Residence
Episode 29: Thoughts on 2014 and the election year in Colombia with Vicki Kellaway of Banana Skin Flip Flops


Episode 28: Talking about the independent guide to Colombia, “Colombia Facil” with Inge Swinnen.
Episode 27: How to take that Career Break and make a success of it with Jeff Jung of Career Break Secrets
Episode 26: Rescuing the Wayuu Culture with the Fundacion Hilo Sagrado and Sabrina Prioli
Episode 25: The Redemption and Reconciliation of Child Soldiers in Colombia with Paula Delgado-Kling
Episode 24: A chat with Caroline Doherty de Novoa about her novel “Dancing With Statues” and her new venture Embrace Bogota
Episode 23: A forum on Bogota’s Urban Art or Graffiti scene with painters DjLu, Crisp and documentary maker Sophie Trew.
Episode 22: On childbirth and raising a son far away from home in Colombia with Claire Austin
Episode 21: Investing in Real Estate in Colombia with Sam Miller of Colombia International
Episode 20: The Business Culture in Colombia with Mark Firth
Episode 19: Being a location independent entrepreneur in Medellin with Jasmine Stephenson
Episode 18: Finding your Colombian Roots with Gringa Colombiana.
Episode 17: Striving for editorial quality with food and travel writer Nicholas Gill
Episode 16: The HostelTrail phenomenon with Tony Clark
Episode 15: Back to Politics in Colombia with Kevin Howlett of Colombia Politics
Episode 14: Learning all about the Banana Skin Flip Flop blog with writer Vicki Kellaway
Episode 13: Talking about “Goals for Peace” in Bucaramanga with Milo Butterick and Tim Woodhouse.
Episode 12: Interview with the owner of Explore Travel Guides Colombia, Justin Cohen
Episode 11: A colourful chat with Adriaan Alsema of Colombia Reports
Episode 10: The phenomenon that is Gringo Tuesdays with Tiffany Kohl
Episode 9: All about Colombia with Richard Emblin of the City Paper
Episode 8: Interview with football journalist Carl Worswick
Episode 7: Interview with Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl of Trans-America Journey
Episode 6: Interview with Courtenay Strickland of Barranquilla or Bust
Episode 5: Interview with Marcela Mariscal and Jose Luis Pastor of See Colombia Travel
Episode 4: Interview with Luis Eduardo Villamizar of A Journey to Colombia
Episode 3: Interviews with Barbara Smalley ( and Jorge Bela (
Episode 2: Interview with Diana Holguin of Bogota Eats and Drinks
Episode 1: Interview with Kevin Howlett of Colombia Politics

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