Celebrate! Colombia Calling Hits New Heights

Some weeks ago, I wrote about how happy and satisfied I was with my niche market podcast Colombia Calling radio, but, I have to share the incredible news. My podcast magazine about and for Colombia is making waves.

Colombia Calling radio up the charts on Stitcher

Colombia Calling radio up the charts on Stitcher

On the strength of excellent interviews and increased listenership this little show is up to No.22 on the “World and International” chart on Stitcher. That’s above the Voice of America, Sky News Extreme and the Londonist, all of which are incredible shows, which makes this chart appearance feel almost implausible.

So, building on the feel good factor and some shameless self-promotion, I started looking around on the other podcast platform where Colombia Calling radio is featured and was thrilled to find that the show is at No.144 overall on iTunes. And, additionally Episode 135 with Wally Broderick about Colombia’s Prison System is ranked at No.177 on the iTunes charts.


Episode 135 Colombia Calling radio

   Episode 135 Colombia Calling radio

It goes without saying that none of this at all would be possible without all of you out there who tune in, click on, subscribe, recommend interviewees, are interviewees and spread the word to others. I am truly humbled.

Thank you.


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Colombia Calling radio is144 on iTunes

Colombia Calling radio is No.144 on iTunes

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