Colombia Calling: 130 Episodes and counting…

It has been a red-letter year so far for my niche podcast Colombia Calling. Call it what you will, growth and maturity, greater audience participation, active listeners, or fantastic and more serious interviewees willing to participate, things are improving immeasurably.

Colombia Calling Radio show

Colombia Calling Radio show

Who would have thought way back in mid-2013 that we would still be here and pulling in the numbers? The inaugural interview was with Kevin Howlett of Colombia Politics (he’s since appeared five times!) and from there we’ve drawn interest from travellers of all types, the Colombian diaspora, security specialists, legal experts, expats in Colombia, experts on Venezuela, writers, journalists, a coffee farmer, a British former kidnap victim, a young Brit bringing Lacrosse to Colombia. NGOs, cooking enthusiasts, the survivor of a croc attack and many many more.

So, this is a huge and heartfelt thank you to those who have stuck with Colombia Calling through the ups and downs, weaker episodes and of course the more controversial ones. There are now upwards of 7000 of you faithful souls downloading each episode every week and to me this astounding not to mention flattering! How times have changed since the era of 300-odd downloads for each of Episodes 1, 2, and 3.

I am particularly pleased with the way that 2016 is unfolding for Colombia Calling and feel that we have really reached a new high in terms of quality.

So here’s a big shout out to the following interviewees and their various projects in Colombia.


Interviewees on Colombia Calling so far in 2016


Episode 124, Erin Donaldson of the Open Minded Traveler 

Episode 125, Santiago Giraldo of the Global Heritage Fund

Episode 126, Sam Miller of Colombia International

Episode 127, Dan Eley of the Dan Eley Foundation

Episode 128, Jennie Levitt and her various cooking projects

Episode 129, Gregg Bleakney of Where Next?

Episode 130, Paula Delgado-Kling of Talking About Colombia

As Colombia Calling is not something which generates me any income at all, you’ll understand when I take a break on the rare occasion if an appropriate guest is not available and I don’t feel that I can carry the show alone. There is always plenty to speak about in Colombia but I am certain that hearing me harp on for 45 minutes may not be the most appetizing for whenever you tune in, be it walking your dog, on the treadmill at the gym, in the kitchen preparing food or simply as background noise.

As always, I love receiving feedback and ideas for new people to interview so please feel free to hit me up and suggest people for future episodes. Colombia Calling at gmail dot com.

And don’t forget, Episode 131 of Colombia Calling is in the pipeline and we have Andrew Perez of the lauded indy movie Bastards y Diablos in the hot seat this coming Tuesday. I cannot wait to see this film but will have to wait until funds become available to launch it down here in Colombia.


So, please spread the word and tune in to current and former episodes here either on iTunes or Stitcher

iTunes: Colombia Calling 

Stitcher: Colombia Calling 

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