Colombia Calling nominated once more!

It is my great pleasure to announce that the Colombia Calling podcast has been nominated for awards by the Latin Podcasts for 2020.

This comes on the back of successful nominations in 2018 (Best podcast in English, Society and Culture, Podcast in Colombia and LPA Podcast of the year 2018), in 2019 (LPA Best podcast in English WINNER, Society and Culture, Podcast in Colombia and LPA Podcast of the year 2019) and now for 2020 for Best Podcast in Colombia, Culture and Society and LPA Podcast of the Year 2020. Of course, competition is increasing each year as each podcaster hones and improves the quality of the recording, the quality of their content and beyond. But…this is to be welcomed. 

Recent Episodes

Ep309 with Joseph Czikk was very well received and there were all sorts of emails and tweets in support for this style of episode. So, first and foremost, thank you to those who tuned in and then shared their thoughts with me on this format. I guess that part of draw was that you guys got to hear a little bit more about me, the elusive figure behind the microphone. I am fine with this and I think that Joey did an amazing job and while I am happy to talk about myself at length(!) I feel that the show should always retain its focus, however, I am not averse to doing some more personal episodes like this in the future when the time is right. Tune in to 309 

Ep310 on women birders coming to Colombia has been the first runaway success of 2020. Not only did we manage to secure a reasonably decent Skype connection between all three of us, Bogotá, Miami and Seattle, but the content was so good that it resulted in a great conversation between three parties all working towards the same goal, promoting Colombia in the right way.  Personally, I loved hearing about this side of birding and that is not a completely male-dominated field. There was a really good ambiance of camaraderie between these birders. By the end of Thursday, this episode will have exceeded 500 downloads in under three days. Long may birders visit Colombia! Tune in to 310 

And so folks, we have some great shows lined up for coming weeks, a satirist who prefers to remain nameless, the host of one of Colombia’s most successful podcasts, a former journalist who altered his life to come to the aid of the most in need in Colombia and finally, a traveller reflecting on his time in Colombia with both recommendations and constructive criticisms about tourism here. 

So, stay tuned, spread the word and thank you! 



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