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Help Me Launch the “Colombia Calling Magazine”

colombia calling campaign on indiegogo

colombia calling campaign on indiegogo

The Colombia Calling magazine!


Colombia Calling is collaborating with Indiegogo to conduct an experiment in community-funded publishing to bring you the final word on this country in an annual periodical all about Colombia.

You may have already tuned in to the weekly podcast Colombia Calling on iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud (143 episodes and counting!) – hopefully you have – and now you are up to speed and informed out Colombia…but yearning for some hard copy quality? Dare I say it, a collector’s item.

The story so far

Colombia Calling radio is climbing the charts on iTunes

Colombia Calling radio is climbing the charts on iTunes

Almost out of the blue, in 2013, I was approached by the Overseas Radio Network to host a weekly podcast. After careful consideration, I decided to pursue this challenge and over time and with dedication have built up a loyal and growing audience of expats in Colombia, people wanting to learn more about Colombia (beyond what is covered in the mainstream press) and the Colombian diaspora. In fact the weekly haul of downloads is upwards of 8000 listeners now. I am flattered and in awe of these people who tune in week in week out.

Without You listeners, I am nothing.
On the podcast the aim has been to provide better information about Colombia, getting beneath the surface and trying to provide a balanced if not fair image of this country which has given me so much. One week I’ll be interviewing experts in the food world, the next week a former kidnapee, then having a forum on Bogotá’s graffiti scene before then discussing the prison system in the country. It’s a bit of everything and that’s why it may be the most complete “podcast magazine” on Colombia.

For some time now I have been thinking of how to increase the awareness of the Colombia Calling brand, how to thank my listeners and at the same time pay due respects to longform and quality journalism about Colombia. For a complex and misunderstood country such as Colombia, accurate and quality writing is required.

The answer, after careful consultation with various parties, was to create a annual magazine dedicated to art, culture, news, photography and what is going on in Colombia. It will be in English as Colombia Calling is in English but the idea is that Colombia wins, in providing the lens for great reportage about the country.

Colombia Calling magazine is destined to be a beautifully produced guide to contemporary Colombia. This 80 page magazine will introduce the reader to some of a new and exciting cadre of unknown writers/ journalists/ photographers and artists plying their trade here in Colombia.

The magazine will feature detailed high quality images, dozens of illustrations, longform journalism and original artwork. And we will pay our contributors respectfully what is owed to them for their trade.

As well you know, this is all or nothing. If we don’t receive the minimum $15,000 by the end of the 60 day campaign, the project doesn’t happen and you aren’t charged.

By participating you take an active part in the publishing process and help define the trajectory of a niche cultural project such as this.


And please help by letting others know on Twitter and Facebook

Thank you in advance for your support.

Warm greetings from Bogotá, Colombia

Richard McColl

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Anglo-Canadian resident in Colombia. Journalist, Writer, Hotelier, Expedition Guide
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