Chapter 1: The Mompós Project

So, in my quest for an editor/ agent/ publisher, I have gone ahead and published Chapter 1 of my novel on Medium. The working title at the moment, which will be familiar to readers of this blog, is of course: “The Mompós Project” and it’s hoped that through the great wide ether and all those connections reached far and wide, I can find someone interested in helping me with this piece of writing. Before you ask, I’m not ready to self publish just yet.

the Mompos Project

Chapter 1 on Medium

One always hears about success stories which come from perseverance and a huge dollop of luck, so, I am aiming for this. Obviously, I have thrown this idea about on this page for a while, I have sent of hundreds of emails to editors and have spoken to people in the know, but now, it’s time for some good old-fashioned hard work over social media and old school connections. Follow the progress here and on my podcast Colombia Calling as I will continue to broadcast there and keep updates coming thick and fast.

Tune in to Colombia Calling episode 221 (available from midday on Tuesday March 6 2018)to hear a reading of this Chapter 1 of the Mompós Project. I decided that I could read this in the style of BBC Radio 4’s Book at Bedtime,or, if you are as old as me and can remember it, Jackanory – which ran from 1965-1996…and which, as a four-year old, I hated.

Here it goes, wish me luck! I look forward to hearing from some of you and, hopefully, receiving some all important contacts which may help me progress along this competitive path.

Remember: The Colombia Calling podcast goes live every Tuesday after midday (Bogotá-time) and features an in-depth interview with someone doing something interesting in Colombia or Colombia-related. Past interviewees have included authors, journalists, entrepreneurs, actors and many more! Each episode is available on your favourite streaming site.





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