the Mompos Project

Chapter 1: The Mompós Project

So, in my quest for an editor/ agent/ publisher, I have gone ahead and published Chapter 1 of my novel on Medium. The working title at the moment, which will be familiar to readers of this blog, is of course: “The Mompós Project” and it’s hoped that through the great wide ether and all those Read more about Chapter 1: The Mompós Project[…]

Hotel Complaints…people are strange!

It’s no secret to anyone who has followed this blog for a short while that we are the proprietors of the Casa Amarilla Hotel in Mompos and of course we are in it for the thick and thin of it, complaints, warts and all. So, when I was recently shown a list of the most Read more about Hotel Complaints…people are strange![…]

The Guaqueros of Mompos

Guaquero – person who plunders graves or other archaeological sites As the waters of the Magdalena River continue to drop due to an alarming water shortage brought about by the ongoing effects of the climatic phenomenon known as El Niño, the widening banks around Mompos’s ports have provided an unexpected source of work for some of Read more about The Guaqueros of Mompos[…]

Rain Alone Cannot Solve our Water Crisis

We need rain say the people in Bogotá. We need rain say the people in Santander. We need rain say the people in Bolivar. We need water say the people in Mompos. El Nino is to blame. The outgoing Mayor is to blame. Everyone is responsible. But Mompos has no water save for the few Read more about Rain Alone Cannot Solve our Water Crisis[…]

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