Calgary’s Fascinating Skyscraper Reflections

As a teenager visiting family Calgary, Canada, I could not wait to either head out to the prairies or into the Rocky Mountains to escape what I believed to be the monotony of a contemporary city replete with skyscrapers and little else. Being from London, I would chuckle when people would point out a building over one hundred years old as a sight to see. But, in recent years, I have been back and my more mature take on life has given me a different perspective altogether and I have enjoyed Calgary – even in winter. In 2010 I experienced the frigid cold of -40 degrees and even went for a walk to test it out, my corneas scratched against my eyeballs and my nasal hairs froze. I did not repeat such a folly. Anyway, a chinook moved in and the temperature rose to -10 degrees or thereabouts and through the +15 passageways between buildings in downtown I could venture through the streets and snap interesting shots of awkward and quite striking reflections of the skyscrapers. And with the clear blue skies over Calgary I hope you find the contrasts as compelling as I did.

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