Bomb in Lourdes Park

There’s nothing like it. I have felt earthquakes, lived through a mild volcanic eruption, hurricanes and other natural phenomena, but, until you have felt the rush of air, until your windows have momentarily looked as they were bending, the pressure rattles your core and your building shakes, do you know what it’s like to feel a bomb blast.


Bomb blast at Lourdes CAI

At 4.45pm this Friday afternoon an explosive device was thrown at the police station in Lourdes Park two blocks west of my apartment.


Destroyed windows in front of Lourdes Park

Glass littered the streets, every window from the buildings nearby is shattered. Two people are injured according to news reports, a civilian and a policeman.


Police start to cordon off the area


the damage to nearby buildings is extensive


Glass is strewn everywhere and continues to fall from buildings

There will be all sorts of speculations. A couple of years ago the nearby Caracol radio building was hit by a bomb left in a vehicle.


The Bomb disposal sqaud is on the scene


bombs in bogota

The authorities have cordoneed off part of my street


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